Few people are able to lose weight without using exercise to burn calories and raise their metabolism. But there is uncertainty about how much and what kind of exercise is best. Also, the amount and kind of exercise that is right for you can depend on your age and fitness.

Some fitness trainers have worked out elaborate programs to maximize increased metabolism and the burning of calories. These programs may be suitable for a professional athlete, but they might be dangerous for you. If you read about one of these programs online and it sounds good, consult your doctor before you try it. These programs manipulate your body’s functions, and can easily throw your system off balance. To make them work, you have to be very disciplined and do things exactly as instructed.

The better way to go is a moderate program that you follow consistently. Many people begin their weight loss effort with such enthusiasm that they overdo the exercise part and end up with an injury such as plantar fasciitis. Straining a muscle means a setback for your weight loss hopes. Get coaching from someone with experience in fitness. If you are out of shape, they will create a step by step plan for you to gradually increase your fitness without sustaining an injury.

Whether you are better off exercising at home or at the gym depends on you. Do you have the self-discipline to complete an exercise program at home? Or do you need an instructor to keep you motivated, and special gym equipment to get an overall workout?

Most people advise starting with a walking program if you are out of shape. If you are young and fit, but have simply let things go for awhile, you can start with a more rigorous program to work your way back up to your former fitness level. Either way, you are the one who will get the signals your body sends you about stress and limits. You should listen to what your body tells you. You are bound to have some sore and tired muscles. But the pain should not continue all the time. Use unguents such as tiger balm or arnica oil to mitigate muscle soreness. There are lots of such products at your local drug store, and they work pretty well. A good soak in a hot tub with some epsom salts in it is a great way to relieve sore muscles. It also adds to your magnesium level. If you have concerns, be sure to consult your doctor.

Can exercise work against weight loss? To some degree it can in the short run. As you exercise, you are building muscle. Muscle is denser, so the muscles you build may outweigh the fat you lose for awhile. But this is temporary and should not keep you from continuing you exercise program. Muscle is needed to burn calories.

As you can see, there is no one sure-fire and easy program that fits everyone. But get started, and adjust your program as you go along. Be determined and you can succeed at weight loss through exercise.


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